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Is a ripe cheese, which texture can be presented in two ways, a hard or a semi-hard one; the colouration may also vary from light grey to ivory white. When sliced, some may present small irregular holes. The curd is obtained by using animal rennet. This type of cheese has no crust, but it has a cylindrical form with well defined borders. The intense and somewhat spicy flavour is, contrary to common belief, obtained by the type of ripening based on salt and certain preservation conditions (this cheese has its origins in the times when salt was the only way to efficiently preserve and store food). It has a strong bouquet and a very intense flavour.



Ingredients: unpasteurized milk of sheep and/or goat, animal rennet and salt.


Conservation: Should best be stored at a dry and cool place.

In the summer rap the cheese in greaseproof paper and put it in the refrigerator shelf used to store fruits and vegetables. Make sure to leave the cheese at room temperature for about 45 minutes before consuming it.

In the winter you should avoid using the refrigerator. The cheese is best stored at a ventilated location covered with a kitchen cloth, bearing in mind to turn it once in a while. To store cheese over a long period of time you can resort to freezing it; it won’t change the cheese’


Serving suggestions: The best way to consume this type of cheese is to cut it in very fine slices. On a cheese plate it should always be the last one to be tastes, because its intensity will overtop all the other varieties.

When accompanied with an exquisite vine or a good cup of coffee, its intense flavour will provide you with unique moments of pleasure.

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