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Cacholeira – Offal Sausage Small

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This is a traditional smoked type of sausage (enchido) which is composed of the pork’s meat, fat, liver and other offal and seasoned with salt, garlic and cumin. The final product is then stuffed into the pork’s dried intestines, strongly tied together and hand shaped into a curved form.


It is presented in an horseshoe like look with about fifty centimetres in length and thirty to fifty millimetres in diameter. It has a shiny brownish appearance with a slightly grey shimmering giving it a marble look when cut, a semi-hard consistency and a perfectly homogeneous mass. Its flavour is smooth and delicate, sometimes a bit salty, with a very particular and pleasant aroma.



Conservation: It should be kept in cool and dry places to avoid the appearance of mould, especially after cutting. Here a small trick can help, grease it with olive oil, in particular at the cutting area, wrap it in a lettuce leaf and then in an aluminium sheet and this tasty dish will keep its characteristics.


Serving suggestions: Food entries, snacks, sandwiches…

It can be eaten raw, roasted, backed, stewed… it is impressive way to garnish meat dishes.

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