chouricinho de cereja

Chouriço – Spicy Sausage whit Cherry

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Conservation: It should be kept in cool and dry places.

Serving suggestions: Food entries, snacks..

It can be eaten raw, roasted, backed, stewed…

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Descrição do Produto

This is a very traditional smoked type of sausage (enchido). It is composed of the cherry pulp, pork’s hard meat and fat, which are manually cut into very small pieces and then seasoned at taste. The final mixture is called “massa” (dough), which is left to rest for a period between twenty-four and forty-eight hours. After this time, the pork’s intestines are filled with this mixture, strongly tied together and hand shaped into a curved form. Thus is how this sausage gains its horseshoe like looks.


In its final stage it goes into smoke curing, which takes place in traditional flues or fireplaces heated with oak, chestnut wood and genista..

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