farinheirinha de Cereja

Farinheira – Flour Sausage whit Cherry

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Conservation: It should be kept in cool and dry places. It should be consumed instantly after confection.

Serving suggestions: Food entries, snacks, and as garnish for traditional meat dishes. It can be consumed fried, backed or boiled.

Aprox. 190g

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Descrição do Produto

Legend has it that this type of sausage arose during the Portuguese Inquisition period as a trick of the Jewish community to simulate the consumption of pork as a way of escaping the inquisitors who tried to identify them by their eating habits.


This sausage is traditionally smoked, made only of the pork’s fat and wheat flour, cherry pulp. It is seasoned at taste. As in most Portuguese sausages it is then filled into the pork’s intestine and shaped into a horseshoe, with a yellowish to brownish colour and the consistency of doughy mass.

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