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Morcelinha de Cereja

Morcela- Black Pudding whit Cherry

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Conservation: It should be kept in cool and dry places to avoid the appearance of mould. It should be consumed instantly after confection.

Serving suggestions: It can be consumed boiled or roasted and it is a grand garnish for traditional meat dishes.

aprox. 300g

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Descrição do Produto

This is a traditional smoked sausage, which is composed of the pork’s blood, cherry pulp, fat and meat; in addition it has also wheat flour, cornflour, salt, garlic, onions and other spices. It is also manually shaped into a horseshoe and very tightly knit.


It has a dark brown appearance and the ingredients are so well mixed that they can’t be distinguished. It has a very intense flavour, where you can absolutely distinguish the cumin’s.

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