Paia de Toucinho de Porco – Pork Lard Sausage


250g(1/4) / 500g(1/2)  / 1Kg (1Un)

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This is a traditional smoked type of sausage (enchido) which is made of the larded parts of the pork seasoned with a salt and pepper mass and garlic. It is then put into rolls and stuffed into the pork’s dried intestines. In its final stage it goes into smoke curing, which takes place in flues or fireplaces heated with holm wood.


This type of sausage has a shiny reddish appearance with marble look, where the meat and fat can be perfectly distinguished. It is usually eaten raw, cut into very fine slices or fried.



Conservation: It should be kept in cool and dry places to avoid the appearance of mould, especially after cutting. Here a small trick can help, grease it with olive oil, in particular at the cutting area, wrap it in a lettuce leaf and then in an aluminium sheet and this tasty dish will keep its characteristics.

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Peso / Weight / Poids

1 Kg, 250g (Quarto), 500g (Metade)


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