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Presunto – Ham

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Some historical documents trace the ham back to the Ancient Roman and Greek societies. The name “presunto” comes from the latin word “persunctu”, meaning dry, without water or any kind of humidity by the action of salt.


The Portuguese ham is a processed foodstuff of the entire back leg of the pork, which undergoes its curing process in salt. The process consists of dehydrating the meat by the means of salt, which takes at least three months but can go up to twenty-four or more months depending on the quality and taste one wants to obtain.


As to the cutting of the ham, it is advisable to do so on a special platform called “tábua de presunto” (ham clapboard), the ham should be placed on the board with the hoof facing upwards and the cutting knife should have a straight long and flexible blade. The cuts should be made perpendicularly between themselves and the slices should be very fine, almost transparent, so that the true taste of this dish can be truly appreciated.

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