Terms and Conditions

Terms and General Conditions of transactions with TOP-origemportuguesa.pt

These are the Terms and General Conditions of transaction that govern the covenant relationship between 2Efes Iguarias e Tradições, Lda, with NIPC 513 266 690 – based in Castelo Branco, Portugal – henceforward referred to as “TOP Temptations of Portuguese Origin” and  private buyers or corporations wishing to purchase products through our website www.TOP-origemportuguesa.pt, henceforward referred to as “customer”.


The purchase of products or the use of our online store will be conducted in accordance with the Terms and Conditions presented below. Customers will be automatically bound to these Terms and Conditions as soon as they complete their registration or by performing any other operation on this web portal.

  1. Order Placement Policy
  2. Privacy and Security Policy
  3. Satisfaction / Return Policy
  4. Payment Policy
  5. Customer’s Aid
  6. Copyright
  7. Billing

1. Order Placement Policy

  • Order proceedings: Once the customer fills in the order form completely, it will be verified by our team. The order will be processed and dispatched as soon as its payment is confirmed, which should take place within 48 business hours. The delivery of the ordered products is then expected to take place 24 to 72 business hours later regardless of the destination; except for situations of which “TOP Temptations of Portuguese Origin” has no control over. Orders placed on weekends or bank holidays will only be processed the following workday.
    Order dispatch: After confirming the payment of the order, our team will dispatch it within the abovementioned period of time, unless the product is momentarily out of stock; wherein the customer will immediately be contacted to discuss further proceedings.
    Order tracking: The order’s whereabouts can be traced at all time through the customer’s personal account in TOP-origemportuguesa.pt at the link My Orders. We will keep an updated history for each customer’s account, thus allowing them to check on the delivery status of the order at any time.
    Order delivery: Be aware that we do not deliver to PO-box addresses.

Recommendations: The delivery of your order will take place within the aforementioned period of time, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., therefore when placing the order and indicating the forwarding address (workplace, personal, etc.) the customer should always make sure that there will be someone available to receive it.

Any alcoholic beverages available at the online store TOP-origemportuguesa.pt can only be purchased by persons with the legal age requirements of their country of residence.

It is the customer’s responsibility to inquire within the qualified authorities, if there is an additional need for further documentation regarding the transportation of alcoholic beverages, as well as the payment of any extra fees or taxes that may exist for that purpose.

2. Privacy and Security Policy

TOP-origemportuguesa.pt respects the customer’s privacy, ensuring the safety of the data requested, which will only be used in the following situations:

  • Registration process: The information gathered during the registration process is used exclusively for the processing of the placed order and its billing.
    Payment processing: Any payment transaction on this platform where data / personal information is requested will be handled to ensure their protection, by encrypting all data through a Security Certificate (SSL). (You will be able to examine and to confirm the Security Certificate when the http changes to https on url.)
    Advertising / Newsletter: Customer’s personal information may be used to bestow advertisements of our company to e-mail addresses as well as sales or special offers. Whilst registering at our platform the customer will also have the option, by simply sending an e-mail, to subscribe or not our Newsletter.

By accessing and completing the registration process, customers will automatically consent to our Privacy and Security Policy rules referred above.

 3. Satisfaction / Return Policy

  • Satisfaction / Return Policy: If the customer, after examining the order, notices that it is not in perfect conditions or that it contains damaged products, he/she must immediately return the order to the courier or accept the order under reservation stating, on the Delivery Note, the reason for the complaint or returned goods. The customer should also contact us to report the situation as soon as possible by using the contact form online at TOP-origemportuguesa.pt.

TOP-origemportuguesa.pt acknowledges all its customers the right of dissolution from the contract celebrated with this corporation, allowing them to return the products within 14 days after the purchase, according to Decree-law no. 24/2014 of 14th February, excluding commodities covered by Article 17, paragraph d) – Supply of goods that by nature cannot be returned, or are liable to deteriorate, or expire in a short period of time.

The customer has to bear the costs involving the return as stated in Article 13, number 2, whereas TOP-origemportuguesa.pt must only restore the amount corresponding to the purchased merchandise. Excluded from the afore mentioned return policy are faulty or damaged products which will be immediately exchanged by the same or one with similar characteristics by TOP-origemportuguesa.pt, also bearing the dispatch costs.


  1. Payment Policy
  • Payment policy: Prices shown at TOP-origemportuguesa.pt, excluding some exceptions, are valid for the date at which the customer accesses the site and proceeds to the order, even if the payment is completed subsequently.

Prices shown at TOP-origemportuguesa.pt include value-added tax (VAT) at the legal rate.

Prices are subjected to change without further notice.

  • Payment methods: At TOP-origemportuguesa.pt customers may place payments the following ways:
  • Paypal system: Customers can use this system through their Paypal Account.
    Credit card (VISA / MASTERCARD / AMERICAN EXPRESS): This method is provided essentially through the paypal system, but customers not having a paypal account may also benefit from it.
  • ATM: By selecting this method, customers will receive the necessary data through the Netbanking system of the bank of their choice, thus proceeding with the payment at any given ATM box.
    Bank Transfer: Customers may transfer the amount through the Netbanking system of their bank, or use an ATM box.

All the above mentioned methods are available to the customer without any additional costs.

We accept no liability for the improper placement of payment data by the customer, resulting in the lack of deposit into our accounts.

When using the above described payment methods, the customer agrees to the terms and conditions listed on this page.

  1. Customer’s Aid:

Our company has a customer’s aid system which is incorporated at TOP-origemportuguesa.pt website. If anyone wishes to contact us, they can do so by accessing the link Contact, there they will find a form, which will have to be filled out properly, so that questions can be aimed directly at us.

  1. Copyright:

TOP-origemportuguesa.pt reserves itself the right to:

Make changes regarding the contents of the web portal and the online store.
Block the access for a fixed or indefinite period of time to any customer who does not comply with the rules mentioned throughout this document, thus harming the business activity of our company.
Ensure the protection and prevent the use of images or contents of the portal by third parties.
Prevent unauthorized usage of the trademark as it is legally registered at INPI (Instituto Nacional de Propriedade Industrial) and other industrial property rights.

  1. Billing:

After completing your order and payment arrangements, a payment bill will be sent to the email address you entered while registering at our website.

Both parties agree with the choice of the venue of the judicial district of Castelo Branco, explicitly renouncing all others, to settle any issues that may arouse from interpretation, fulfilment or dissolution of the present contract.

Updated on February 17, 2015

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